Corruption is a blight on every nation.From Prime minister to School Principal, corruption is everyone's means to scoop black money.
There is no doubt that India is amongst the largest democratic nations and on the other hand it also rankes 84th most corrupt nation.
 On that note questions may arise on the democracy of indians as their is no concept of tranperant goverment.Being a democratic nation, 
there are so many cases of corruption such as 2Gscam,Adarsh housing case etc.In states like U.P and Bihar,when a minister enters into politics
 his income increases by 40%.Tax which is being paid by the citizen for the development and security of the country goes inside the pockects
 of minister and goverment officers. 

When Anna hazare a 71 years old social activist went on fast and created a haullabloo among the people .People from every part of the nation came together and joined their hands for the fight against corruption.Anna not only battled against corruption but pressurize  goverment to
 pass 42 years old jan lokpal act.In this bill people can file complaints against Prime minister,Judges,police officers, IAS and ministers.

This uplifts the status of citizen.Thus participation of civil society in the rallies of anna hazare indicates that corruption is the biggest
 drawback in indan politics people are exploited from the hands of policy makers .In that case many questions  are revolving in the minds of 
political thinkers like when lokpal bill was introduced in 1971 and after repeated attempts in year 1977, 1996,2001,2005,2006 and even in 2009,
bill was passed by lok sabha buT could not make it to rajya sabha.
Are the state representatives were not particular about their stands?

If the parliament is insecure of itself then,how can they elect the members for lokpal committee.India needs independent commission against corruption same as Hongkong,where members are not elected by the parliament and the prime minister. ICAC should be one institution which must not be influenced by any party.It should work under the legislature of lok pal committee and its function must be limited and should only work to curb the corruption.
 Indian and Indians need these kind of independent  institution to fight against this socrage of corruption.